Representatives of the Spanish Ministry of Environment and the EU visit the facilities

7 January, 2016 Sin categoría


The delegation congratulated the team of Metabioresor for its advances in the processes related to hydrolysis of pig carcasses, dehydration of digestates and energy savings

On November 3 2015, representatives of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment, together with a group of experts on air quality from the European Union (EU), travelled to Lorca to learn about the Metabioresor pilot plant, a LIFE+ project.

The ministerial delegation was led by the deputy Director-General of Livestock Production Means, Arnaldo Cabello, head of the department of environmental impact of livestock farms and charged, in particular, to make reports for the purpose of drawing up an inventory of greenhouse gases in Spain.

The EU delegation consisted of experts in air quality and environment, who congratulated the team led by the researcher at the Department of Animal Production at the Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Development of Murcia (IMIDA), Juan Bautista Lobera, for its advances in these months of work in both the hydrolytic processing of pig carcasses, and the dehydration and energy savings related with digestates.