‘Agrosfera’ focus on Metabioresor as an example of research in agriculture

7 January, 2016 Sin categoría


The program of the La 2 channel airs this Saturday, November 14 an features an extensive report on this project led by the IMIDA

Metabioresor has drawn the attention of the ‘Agrosfera’ program of Spanish Television (TVE) as an example of innovation in the primary sector in Spain. Therefore, on 3 November, a TV crew travelled to Lorca for recording a video of the facilities of the pilot plant and interviewing the team led by the Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Development of Murcia (IMIDA).

The program airs this Saturday, November 14, from 9:35 AM, an extensive report on Metabioresor, on the occasion of the visit of experts on livestock, air quality and environment from the Spanish Ministry of Environment and the European Union.

‘Agrosfera’ focus on agricultural news, reports on research and development projects affecting the agricultural and livestock sectors and pays special attention to the products of Spanish agro-food industry. It also has segments on rural tourism. It offers a complete tour of the leisure, food, culture or sport opportunities that tourists can find in small Spanish towns, promoting the economic development of rural areas.

Metabioresor is managed by the IMIDA and has other partners from the Region of Murcia: Lorca City Council, the cooperative Alia and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena; and France: Inaporc (Inter-professional Pork Organisation) and IFIP (Pork Institute). It is co-financed by the EU LIFE+ programme and the Region of Murcia.